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The 2013 YETI Team


In Ultimate Ascent, 2013's game, teams had to shoot frisbees into high goals located above the drivers or into the top of pyramids in the middle of the game field. These frisbees were put into play by human players and robots and there could be up to four frisbees in play at once. In the autonomous period, robots try to score points by shooting the frisbees into high goals without the control or aim of a human driver. In the last twenty seconds of the game, robots begin to make an ascent up the pyramids that were in the middle of the field to make a final high score. 


Click to watch the 2011 game reveal.

Our 2013 Robot: MOMO


Robot Info:

  • MoMo excels in autonomous mode, usually making all three shots in the high goal.

  • The frisbee chamber has a vertical orientation, allowing for easy and forgiving loading from the middle loading slot, with feeding on the opposite side from shooting.

  • The YETI Launcher uses two tires rotating at high speed to launch frisbees. There are Hall Effect encoders on the hubs that allow us accurate speed control of the launcher motors. 

  • MoMo features a two speed transmission that gives speed when needed, plus enough torque to push other robots.


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