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YETI’s impact can be seen on local, national, and global levels as outreach serves as the number one priority for our team. With a team of 67 members in the 2024 season, our team has dedicated over 3200 hours towards fostering the FIRST message, intertwining both impact and innovation. YETI focuses on empowering the underserved, inspiring our community, and sustaining our efforts, elevating the recognition for STEAM and shaping the next generation of innovators.

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Since 2023


60 People Reached

RISE with YETI is a YETI-original, after-school program that provides opportunities to schools lacking resources for STEM programs. In our local community, there are over 193 Title 1 schools, and the goal of this program is to provide an affordable gateway to STEM for young students. 


Since 2023


10,000+ People Reached

#FIRSTEmpowered is a YETI-pioneered global social media campaign. Started last season, the campaign began in our local community, as we handed out flags at our competitions with #FIRSTEmpowered written on them, as well as #IamMoreThan____, prompting the individuals in the FIRST community to state the ways in which FIRST has empowered them.

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Since 2010

Classes and Demos

311K+ People Reached in the Last 3 Seasons

Our classes and demos serve as another primary avenue where we are able to reach individuals and engage them with the FIRST message, along with STEM and business concepts. Each year, we make it one of our priorities to consistently host classes and demos for individuals across our community, whether it be for elementary schoolers or senior adults.

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Since 2011


3,210 People Reached in the Last 3 Seasons

Our FIRST Family is extensive as we start teams and host competitions, spreading the message of FIRST everywhere we go!

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Since 2017


580 People Reached in the Last 3 Seasons

YETI Robotics advocates for STEM education on the national, state, and local levels via attending conferences and meeting with representatives and senators.

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Since 2014


32K+ People Reached in the Last 3 Seasons

YETI recognizes how much the community has given us and to foster an environment of paying it forward, we provide a myriad of avenues for members to truly make a difference.

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