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Started last season, the campaign began in our local community, as we handed out flags at our competitions with #FIRSTEmpowered written on them, as well as #IamMoreThan____, prompting the individuals in the FIRST community to state the ways in which FIRST has empowered them. The main mission of the campaign is to inspire others to explore their own journeys in STEM, robotics, and business education, through featuring others’ #FIRSTEmpowered stories. 


This year, we elevated the hashtag, turning it into a global social media campaign, where we have reached over 8500 people across the world, cultivating a following on our Instagram platform, @firstempowered.


Featuring teams such as FRC 5727, 9008, 503, and 1718, #FIRSTEmpowered sparks a movement of inspiration and change, highlighting the true power of FIRST.

Two students from FRC Team 4935 holding a banner reading "#FIRSTEmpowered" with a FIRST logo

Get Involved

What's your Story?

Have a story of how #FIRSTEmpowered you? You can submit it using the link to the Google Form below, or by scanning the QR code.

QR code for stories form

Become an Ambassador

Want to become a #FIRSTEmpowered Ambassador? Submit our Ambassador application using the link to the Google Form below or by scanning the QR code.

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#FIRSTEmpowered Stories

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