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Classes & Demos

Our classes and demos serve as another primary avenue where we are able to reach individuals and engage them with the FIRST message, along with STEM and business concepts. Each year, we make it one of our priorities to consistently host classes and demos for individuals across our community, whether it be for elementary schoolers or senior adults.



YETI inspires our community through various demos and presentations. In the 2024 season alone we have hosted over 24 demos and instructed over 6 summer caps, inspiring over 5,600 individuals for FIRST and STEM.


Omni Montessori Afterschool

Over the past two years, we have reached over 70 students through our afterschool programs at Omni Montessori, teaching elementary schoolers STEM and business concepts. Through this program, we strive to inspire students by instructing them on robot design, programming, public speaking, collaboration, and teamwork utilizing a tailored STEM and business curriculum. Our classes consist of Monday and Wednesday sessions for Lower and Upper Elementary school students.

QCRA Camps

This summer, YETI collaborated with QCRA to provide interactive and engaging programs over the summer and fall where they had drones and FLL camps. Over 6 weeks, We taught over 30 students how to use Python code to program a drone show, introducing elementary and missile school students to STEAM.


Senior Cybersecurity Classes

Last season, YETI was able to conduct cybersecurity lessons at senior homes informing and helping protect the elderly of our community from the unknown of the internet. This season YETI partnered with QCRA to take this initiative further, hosting classes at local libraries and recreation centers.

YETI Robotics 2024 Board Photo.JPG

Girl Scouts Merit Badge Classes

In line with our commitment to increasing opportunities for women in STEM, YETI held Girl Scouts Robotics Merit Badge Classes for the 7th year, where students were taught public speaking, programming, robot design, and more. 262 girls earned their Robotics Merit Badge in the past 3 years, propelling their interests in STEM and potentially empowering them to join FIRST teams.

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