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YETI Robotics advocates for STEM education on the national, state, and local levels via attending conferences and meeting with representatives and senators.

YETI members standing outside the Capitol building in Washington D.C.

National Advocacy Conference (NAC)

In June of 2023, we traveled to Washington D.C. for the SASA NAC, learning the legislative process over the span of three days. We discussed the importance of the CHIPS and Science Act and the Every Student Succeeds Act, crucial legislation that supports STEM education funding, with US House Reps and Senators, and expanded our efforts beyond the Hill, as we continue to network with our elected officials to support our cause. We look forward to going in future years as well!

Register for NAC 2024

NC Advocacy Conference

We are partnering with SASA to revitalize the NC Advocacy Conference to initiate legislative change at the state level.

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YETI members in a governmental office
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