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In 2023, we created a new, YETI-original, after-school program called RISE with YETI, providing opportunities to schools who lack the resources for proper STEM programs. In our local community, there are over 193 Title 1 schools, and the goal of this program is to provide an affordable gateway to STEM for young students. Through our custom made curriculum and game, “Go Away Garbage,” we taught over 60 students at both Parkside Elementary and Whitewater Middle School in just six months, providing each and every child with a tailored experience, introducing them to robotics, business, and sustainability concepts. The program continues to expand during the build season, as we are currently teaching our spring session at Whitewater Middle School. RISE with YETI has proven to be a beacon of excitement for robotics education, sparking passion and ambition in the many young, underrepresented students of our community.

YETI members wearing white shirts presenting to students

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