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The 2014 YETI Team


In 2014's game, robots would try to score points by launching yoga sized balls in large overhead or floor level goals located at either end of the field. Additionally, a 5’ tall truss was located in the middle of the field where the robots would pass the ball to another robot or human player.  The goal of passing the ball was to have it in possession of a robot or human player in as many divisions of the field as possible.


Our 2014 Robot: FLUFFY


Robot Info:

  • AndyMark Sheet metal chassis with Mecanum drive geared at 15-18 ft/s

  • Forklift style ball intake corral driven by geared AM PG71

  • Air powered catapult driven by 4 air cylinders that stretch speargun tubing 

  • Short shot pass – 1ft -5 ft range air assisted or simple no assist pass

  • Long shot pass range – 35 ft range for trussing, no high goal shots

  • Catch frame on top to catch the ball when the ball is shot towards our robot by other teams

  • ​-Plexiglass frame to block shots and keep the ball contained by our robot so no theft of the game piece

Queen City Regional: Finalist

Queen City Regional: Judge's Award


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