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Team wearing lime green shirts looking up at camera

The 2015 YETI Team


The 2015 game revolved around recycling. Teams were faced with the challenge of stacking six gray and yellow totes on slight platforms. The twist, however, was that the only interaction with the opposing alliance was during the cooperation opportunity, where two robots of opposing alliances worked together to stack totes in the middle of the field, allowing both teams to earn additional points. In autonomous, teams would try to gain possession of the recycling bins, which would be placed on top of the stacks of gray and yellow totes. During the game, human players can throw pool noodles, representing trash, across the field onto the other teams' area for additional points to their alliance.

FRC Recycle Rush logo

Our 2015 Robot: FROSTBYTE

FRC Recycle Rush robot holding green recycling bin at a competition

Robot Info:

  • 6WD Single speed custom West Coast Products drive, 4 CIMS

  • Air powered tote stacker 1x4 (later turned into 2x1 stacker)

  • Giant roller claw with gravity wrist for cap bin collection driven by BAG motor and Vex Versa Planetary Gearbox 10:1

  • Large arm mechanism to move claw up and down driven by two Mini CIMS with Vex Versa Planetary
    Gearboxes 63:1 reduction

  •        2016 Configuration:

  • 6WD converted to pneumatic wheels and 6 CIM upgrade

  • Arm converted into ball intake that could activate drawbridge, sally port, cheval de frise, and all other
    defenses except for the low bar driven by one RS775 10:1 Vex Versa Planetary Gearbox

  • Belt fed intake from lower intake to shooter powered by one RS775 10:1 Vex Versa Planetary Gearbox

  • Shooter powered by one CIM and a cylinder with a drum cymbal on the end to eject the ball through
    the shooter flywheel into the high goal

  •        2017 Configuration:

  • Drive system converted back to traction wheel tank drive with corner omnis, 6 CIMS

  • Roller bar gear intake driven by one RS775 10:1 Vex Versa Planetary Gearbox

  • Ejection doors powered by one air cylinder to place gear

  • Velcro climber powered by two RS775 Vex Versa Planetary Gearboxes 30:1


Georgia Southern Classic Regional: Excellence in Engineering Award​

North Carolina Regional: Chairman's Award


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