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The 2017 YETI Team

Our 2017 Robot: PERMAFROST

Screenshot (5)_edited.png

Robot Info:

  • Traction wheel tank drive, 6 CIMS, ⅛ in. drop center with corner omnis added later

  • 15 ft/s high speed, 18 ft/s low speed

  • Active claw intake in the front of the robot driven by one RS775 10:1 Vex Versa Planetary Gearbox to pick up game pieces

  • Storage compartment in the back of the robot to store game pieces

  • Ejection doors powered by one air cylinder to place gears

  • Climber with velcro on the winch and at the end of the rope that was powered by two RS775 Vex Versa Planetary Gearboxes 30:1


The 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition game, Steamworks, was played by two alliances of three teams each who competed on a field by scoring wiffleballs. The wiffleballs represent fuel which needs to be taken to a simulated boiler which transfers the generated steam into an airship in the middle of the field. Each alliance has one airship, which they pressurize with steam from the boiler and load with plastic gears from the field. At the end of the match, robots attempt to hang on team-supplied ropes attached to the airship for additional points.




Permafrost was 20-28-1 in official play and 24-31-1 overall in 2017. Team 3506 ranked 26 in the state having earned 116 points.

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