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Electrical Mentors

Kevin Colwell

Since 2016

Kevin has a long history with FIRST and his passion to pass on information he learned to the next generation drove him to mentor for YETI in the last year. Kevin started as an FRC student in 2009 and graduated from team 435, Robodogs, in 2012. He has been a volunteer for FIRST since 2011 and decided to mentor for YETI for the 2018 season. On YETI he is an electrical and programming mentor and outside of YETI he works as a Windows/Linux server admin at UNCC and likes to program, build computers, and play games. His advice to new students is to “look up to veteran members, they made the same mistakes so that you wouldn’t.”


Since 2021

Elizabeth is an Electrical Engineer who came into Engineering without First Robotics. She really enjoys seeing the lessons that mentors are able to teach FRC students. She got involved in FIRST by accident as the pandemic had just calmed down. She kept coming not only because she enjoyed mentoring but also because she liked our group of young mentors. At RIT Elizabeth studied Electrical Engineering with a minor in history and played division three college lacrosse while also Co-oping at General Electric. Now, Elisabeth works as a Sales Engineer for The Mobility House where she helps customers understand charging energy management Software for large EV fleets. This can be through Sales calls, conference presentations, or by publishing articles. At home, her free time is spent being a nerd, hanging out with friends, and Playing with my cat Hedy, named after Heady Lumar the movie actress and inventor.

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