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Programming Mentors

Sam Perlmutter

Since 2017


With a not so complex history with FIRST, Sam joined YETI 9 years ago and has been mentoring for 5 years. He joined YETI looking to build the robot but quickly became interesting in programming. Through the years he has learned many new skills thanks to Yeti and become the lead programming mentor. After graduating, Sam decided to mentor while attending UNC Charlotte and figured YETI could use his programming expertise. He has since graduated with a Master's degree in computer science and is working at Wells Fargo as a software engineer. "100% of the skills I use at work I gained from my time on Yeti," he said when asked how his time on the team prepared him for the real world. Upon asking him of his hobbies outside of work, Sam responded with, “Outside of robotics?” His advice to new students is to “float around a bit before choosing a field.”

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