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Mechanical Mentors

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Robbie Hoyler

Since 2010

Robbie has been doing FIRST Robotics for a long time.  From 2003-2007 Robbie participated as a student on team 587 in Hillsborough, NC.  Upon graduation in 2007 he became a mentor and started getting involved with other teams in the Charlotte area but there were no real sustainable FRC teams until 2010 when he became a founding mentor with 3506 YETI Robotics.  Robbie has worked in the industry as a sheet metal design engineer as well as an educator. Currently Robbie is the lead technical mentor for YETI Robotics and keeps the machine shop up to speed for the Queen City Robotics Alliance.  For a day job he works as a SOLIDWORKS Application Engineer for TPM in Charlotte where he fills a current role as a FEA and CFD simulation expert using the software to educate engineers on better product design and failure criterion.

Starting with the 2019-2020 season Robbie will only be a technical mentor, but also the team Lead Mentor.

Sam Hill

Since 2020

Sam has participated in FIRST Robotics since 2008, originally starting out with the original Olympic Robotics team 2362. Once team 2362 dissolved, he went over to the new community robotics team YETI Robotics 3506. As a student, Sam both served as a student leader and was on the drive team for both Logomotion and Rebound Rumble. Upon graduating high school, he attended UNC Charlotte and still came back to serve as a mentor. Additionally Sam also assisted the second incarnation of Olympic Robotics, T-Rex 4935 in 2014-2015 to help get them off the ground. Currently Sam is a technical mentor for YETI robotics mainly teaching mechanical, electrical, and fabrication skills to students. He graduated UNCC in 2016 with a degree in mechanical engineering with a motorsports focus. Sam currently works for JR Motorsports as the lead shop engineer and the race engineer for the 88 Xfinity series car with Dale Earnhardt JR. and Miguel Paludo.

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Ashley Kohls

Since 2021

Ashley grew up in Miller City Ohio. She got involved with FIRST by mentoring team 3206 in Woodbury MN. Ashley is jealous that she did not have the opportunity in high school to learn skills that translate to real life. Her favorite part over the years is watching students learn and grow into awesome leaders with skills they will be able to use in the years to come. Ashely went to college at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 2013, she graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Today she works as a facilitator for Gerdau, a steel mill, managing the routine maintenance of the Rolling Mill equipment. Ashley's favorite hobbies include reading, cooking, baking, hiking with my dog Cooper, exploring Charlotte with friends, and watching sports.​

Tyler Crump

Since 2021

Tyler was born in Harrisburg NC. He decided to drop out of college. Currently, he makes parts out of metal. His favorite saying is "Don't Let Go."

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Angela Stacey

Since 2021

Biography Coming Soon


Since 2022

Raymond grew up in Daytona Beach Florida, and moved to Rock hill South Carolina in 2022. He found out about FIRST in his freshman year of 2012, and joined an all freshman FTC team, the following year he joined his schools FRC team 2152 SMASH. He was on team 2152 from 2013-2016. He joined Yeti as a mentor to help inspire the next generation and to spread what he's learned about CAD, and fabrication. During the day he works as an apprentice electrician at Republic Electric. Outside of work and Yeti he likes to ride motorcycles, build and drive R/C cars, as well as practice basic woodworking and leather working. His favorite quote is "Creation is iteration." from Adam Savage.

Josiah Dumitrescu

Not Pictured:

Since 2021

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