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The 2016 YETI Team


The 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition, Stronghold, was played by two alliances of three teams each. The goal was to breach their opponents’ defenses, known as outer works, and capture the tower by firing 'boulders' and surrounding or scaling the tower using rungs.


Our 2016 Robot: BLACK ICE

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Robot Info:

  • Pneumatic 6WD West Coast Style tank drive, 6 CIMS with pneumatic shifters19ft/s High, 9ft/s Low

  • Variable intake arm pivoted by one BAG Vex VersaPlanetary Gearbox 30:1 to grab ball and damage defenses of Stronghold

  • Roller bar built into intake to suck ball in while pinched against the bumper driven by BAG VexVersaPlanetary Gearbox 10:1

  • Shooter driven by 2 Mini CIMS and pivoted by a small gearbox or air cylinder (design changed through the season)

  • Extending scissor lift climber deployed by stretched spear gun tubing, 6 second climb to full 6ft height

  • Climbing Winch made from MiniCim Vex VersaPlanetary Gearbox 60:1 and aluminum spool with air brake to prevent falling. Dyneema winch string that controlled the extension and retraction of the
    scissor lift

  • Could quickly damage all defenses from the front besides the drawbridge and sally port (could
    backdoor quickly)

  • Frame 14 inches tall


NC District - Guilford County Event: Winner

NC District - Guilford County Event: Chairman’s Award

NC District - Asheville Event: Entrepreneurship Award

NC District - Campbell University Event: Finalist

NC District - Campbell University Event: Entrepreneurship Award

NC State Championship: Regional Chairman’s Award

NC State Championship: Winner

NC State Championship: Woodie Flowers Finalist Award (Lia Schwinghammer)

THOR - Thundering Herd of Robots

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