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Group Picture at Doyenne, where Borealis Competed

The 2022 FRC Game: Rapid React


Rapid React is played by two alliances of three teams each, with each team controlling a robot and completing specific actions in order to score points. The game revolves around both alliances shooting inflatable balls known as Cargo into a central Hub and climbing within their Hangars at the end of the match. The overall objective of each match is to score more points than the opposing alliance before the match ends.

An offseason 2022 Robot: Borealis

Robot Info:

Borealis is YETI Robotics' first swerve drivetrain robot.

  • Swerve Drive Specialties mk4i drivetrain powered by Falcon 500s

  • Piston actuated intake powered by Neo 775

  • Dual flywheel shooter, powered by two Falcon 500s


Borealis was Rank 9 with a record of 4-4-0 in Doyenne (Offseason Competition)

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