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FIRST Family

Our FIRST Family is extensive as we start teams and host competitions, spreading the message of FIRST everywhere we go!


Since 2023


6 Teams Started

Currently, YETI has started, sponsored, and mentored 6 FLL Challenge teams and 1 FLL Explore team. We love being able to guide the next generation of future leaders and changemakers!


Since 2023

FIRST Events

2,100 People Reached in the Last 3 Seasons

Our FIRST Family extends even further as we partner and initiate events, providing opportunities for FIRST participants across North Carolina.


Since 2011


4 Teams Started

YETI has started, sponsored, and mentored 4 FTC teams. We are so proud of each and every one of these future innovators and are very grateful to have the opportunity to guide them throughout their FIRST journeys!

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